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Adhesive industry as one of China's most important industries
Adhesive industry as one of China's most important industries
    As the development of economic globalization and China's rapid economic development, China has become the world's largest and most attractive market. In the chemical industry in the tape, protective film, adhesive market expanding, China has become the world's adhesive industry processing factories and consumers, rising at an annual rate of 16%. Adhesive industry has become China's chemical industry the most dynamic in the important industry. With the development of economy and the development of technology, application field increasingly widen, especially the tape, protective film, stickers widely applied to electronics, mobile phones, photoelectricity, communication, packaging, architecture, paper making, woodworking, aerospace, automotive, textile, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, the medical industry, etc. This has become a field of chemical industry, one of the fastest growing industries in.

   Tape: mainly including packing tape, printing tape, parcel tape, supply tape, electrician/electrical tape, electronic adhesive tape, chemical tape, double-sided tape, radiation tape, stationery tape, medical tape, kraft paper tape, beauty masking tape, wire tape, not only with duct tape, chemical adhesive tape, film tape, glue, adhesive labels, pressure sensitive film and pasted on tape products and die cutting processing.
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