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Tape is a potential market
Tape is a potential market
Tape industry is an ancient fine chemical technology and continue to reform of the science and technology gradually science and technology industry. This kind of product is by medical series tape extensions, divided into packaging series tape, trademark paper series tape, special adhesive tapes, high temperature resistant adhesive tape is still popular in time series of spray painting series computer tape, six series products. The application of coverage by the foundation, food, medicine, sanitation materials, beauty and health products, 5 to supplies, culture, education, supplies, office equipment, photographic equipment, advertising, printing, paper making, shoes and textile, jump to high-tech extend across industries such as electronics, motor, communication equipment, the oil industry, automobile industry, the shipbuilding industry and spaceflight industry, widely used in the field of industry. Various representative tape products such as the daily use of BOPP transparent packaging tape, PVC electrical insulation tape, culture and education of the office supplies, correction tape (white), computer print substitute color spray paper and startling visible AD sign PVC instant stick series tape, bus PVC body stick adhesive tapes, computer spraying advertising material, the light box ads back a blowtorch series products, of highway sign which are highway) reflective film (glass beads tape, and concealed in the technology industry products such as electronic components, behind semiconductor, printed circuit board, computer peripheral manufacturing of high temperature resistant wheat pull tape, high temperature resistant PET compound adhesive tapes, high temperature resistant acetate fiber cloth series tape, high temperature resistant wrinkly paper tape series, high temperature resistant glass fiber cloth tape, ptfe glass fiber cloth, is still popular in the digital technology waterproof high-clear printing paper series products. According to incomplete statistics, domestic currently on various kinds of adhesive tape in the demand has l000 will break through to RMB, the total output value of countries is also ratio more outstanding industry or product. The only unfortunately, this door industry is often neglect, the professional technology, training and development, and lead to a lack of seriousness and industrial structure in low class and only maintain competitive product research and development, also cause high technology, high benefit tape products for foreign invested enterprises, or imported products monopoly!!!!!
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