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Tape the composition of the
Tape the composition of the
Tape is by the following 5 part:
1 base material Base material is a skeleton of the tape part is the carrier of adhesive. As the base material, there should be a good mechanical strength and smaller loft, thickness want even. The base material of tape a lot of more phyletic, paper, plastic, composite materials, cloth, metal foils, etc.
2 adhesive Adhesive tape, the core part is used in the main adhesive tape water activation type, solvent type, type and activation melt pressure sensitive type to wait for a few kinds. The first three already in chapter 1, discussed, this section discusses type of pressure sensitive adhesive.
3 bottom treatment The bottom of the treatment effect, is to increase adhesives and base material of adhesion strength, yes between starting tape adhesives and base material not out when. The treatment is a can make different kinds of material (such as base material and adhesives) firm agglutinate coating agent, also can saying is a kind of adhesive. Some adhesives and between base material already enough, they shouldn't have adhesion of in besmear bottom treatment agent.
4 back layer treatment Back in the treatment of coating on the back of base material, used to prevent pressure sensitive adhesive tape curled up into a roll in each other, in addition, adhesion back layer can increase treatment several times, and some of the strength of the back treatment still can gift tape weather-resistance, waterproof, prevent electrostatic, waiting for the special function. Some base material was not easy and adhesives adhesion, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, coating kraft paper, etc, then no need to another layer of treatment with the back. 5 isolation material In order to prevent the plate when the glue of double-sided tape roll between each other, need to use segregation occurred adhesion material will adhesive layer away. The common use of polyethylene film, polypropylene film or coated with back of kraft paper, the treatment of isolated materials.

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