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Polyester film organic silicon belt

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Polyester film powder coating covered tape-8020
Green tape is in PET base material with high temperature resistant organic silicon pressure sensitive adhesive, has the high resistance to high temperature sex, widely used in high temperature powder coating, painting the cover of production and protection leather with silicon membrane from type of travel. Polyester film coating covered with masking tape: 200 ℃ high temperature, high under the environment of strong power to keep, and have no the incomplete glue, doesn't break, mainly is suitable for the computer case, cabinet of high temperature, such as powder, spraying paint covered protection. Electroplating tape: good stickiness, high temperature resistant, solvent resistance, and keep the force is powerful, no incomplete glue, applicable to the printed circuit board (PCB) electroplating process BaoHuJin covered fingers. Shuttle from type paper tape: high, high temperature resistant, and keep the force is powerful, apply to silicon from type paper, from type film and producing leather from type paper with the shuttle.

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