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AB double-sided tape-8027

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AB double-sided tape-8027
Application: used for digital product characteristics of silicone rubber surface and plastic name plate or metal parts of the panel and paste, can maintain lasting high, stick relay strong resistance solvent, especially the excellent rubber bond properties, solving many rubber products factory of rubber surface and foam or metal surface sticky dose of the localization for mobile phone key-press, purchasing, membrane switch, domestic cars, appliances and other large enterprises auxiliary shorten the cycle. Keep a steady supply of the supplier qualification, has large quantities of use, accord with environmental protection requirement. ROHS .
Physical properties: (to the national standard of GB/T2792:1999 GB/T4852, 1999)
Rubber is a standard size general properties
Thickness (mm) width (mm) length (m) Tensile strength(N/25mm)elongation(N/25mm)resistant% (℃)
 ST/AT  0.105        480                100                   110                                    60                                   120 
 note         According to customer needs to silica gel can face or acrylic surface as glue amount of increase or decrease, roll with package. Die cutting processing, price, high! Special specifications, can undertake special processing.

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