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PI covering film

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PI cover layer-8026
The products are made of polyimide film coating modified epoxy adhesive and become, according to the use of polyimide film and the thickness of the fillet, can produce different DuoZhong different specifications of the products.
The product has good conductivity, bonding strength, good stability, high size liquidity, low processing good performance.
Product quality to meet                                              the RoHS standards Basement membrane PI 
Protective film                                                              Sub acrylate adhesive  from type paper
Product characteristics                                              unit FD25/25 C typical values
PI thickness                                                                 25 um
Glue thick                                                                     25 um
Glue quantity                                                               um ≤150
Peel strength at normal temperature (state)        N/mm 1.0
Resistance of welding                                              288℃10sec
Chemical resistance under normal temperature HCI5%20 minutes no bubbles
NaOH 5% 50 ℃ 10 minutes no bubbles
Resistance to carbonylation sex without chloroform stratification, blistering
out delamination, butyl ketone bubbles appear
Dimensional stability                                                 IPC-650-2.2.4 TM-more than A % 0.12
 The surface resistance                                            M Ω 1.0 * 106
Volume resistance                                                     Ω 1.0 * 108 M
Dielectric constant                                                      3.0 MHz
Medium loss factor                                                     MV/mm 0.035
After the simulated electroplating layer, no blister, % BaoLiuLv peel strength, 85.

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