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Gold finger tape/polyimide tape

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Gold finger tape/polyimide tape Item
 description: gold finger tape-8021
Polyimide tape-8022
Base material: polyimide film (PI film)
Product synopsis:
Product description: polyimide tape, another name KAPTON tape. With polyimide film as base material, coating performance organic silicon single side pressure sensitive adhesive, a single fluorine plastic from type material compound or not two kinds of material. Compound Alternative M92 # 3. But according to customers special requirements of die cutting blunt type processing. Special point: coating to + 2.5 um, high tensile strength to be high high, no incomplete glue, no scratch, the phenomenon such as drawing, shear sex good, easy to blunt type die cutting processing, it has excellent resistance to high temperature sex and nairongji performance! Meet the ROHS halogen-free, environmental protection, etc. With the way: in the electronic electrician industry can be used for higher requirements of the class H motor and winding insulation wrap, high temperature resistant coil ends bandage, warm resistance measured fixed protection, capacitance and wire tangles and other work in high temperature condition the adhesive of the insulation. In the circuit board manufacturing industry can be used for electronic protection paste, especially suitable for SMT heat resistance protection, electronic switch, PCB gold finger protection, electronic transformer, relays and all kinds of high temperature resistant and moistureproof protection to the electronic components. Circuit board (PCB) assembly wave soldering, to BaoHuJin fingers tore in addition to leave after remnants of the; Can also be used to motor insulation, coils of fixed and outer insulation. Insulation, resistant to radiation, high temperature resistant (260 ℃ above). Technology: every type parameters are different and detailed people calls negotiate, please!!!!! High quality and low price! High performance/price ratio!!!!!

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