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Insulation class polyimide tape and joint

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Insulation class polyimide tape and joint-8035

Polyimide coating base material organic silicon sensitive adhesive resistance to 280 ℃ high temperature; Polyimide acrylic adhesive backing and resistance to 180 ℃ high temperature, respectively applied for the electronics industry, insulation industry. Electronic kind of polyimide tape: high and low temperature resistance, insulation class for class H, heat resistance of 280 ℃, flame retardant, through the UL authentication. Chemical corrosion resistance performance is good, is applicable to electrical components, coil, transformer and capacitors with twists of fixed. Insulation class polyimide tape: good stickiness, high temperature resistant, solvent resistance, and keep the force is powerful, no incomplete glue, applicable to the printed circuit board (PCB) suddenly wave soldering tin stove in the process of BaoHuJin covered fingers. Covered area no welding fluid infiltration, and paved with finger surface have no incomplete glue. Polyimide joint fluorine plastic tape from type film: has good resistance to high temperature sex, electrical insulation, chemical resistance, non-toxic and harmless to human environment. Because of its low and the stripping force, shear from type used in mobile phone after PCB, and all kinds of electronics, electrical appliances, and prompt paste as can be made into various labels, use rise very convenient, is developed in recent years to new pressure-sensitive adhesive tape varieties.

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