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PET protective film

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arrow PET protective film Description
ET Protective film
Applications:Apply to cell phone, PDA, MP3, digital camera, video camera, television, playstation, etc.;
Coated organic silicon pressure sensitive adhesive, can achieve automatic exhaust effect; 

 Technical parameters
 Model                                                  8018
Thickness (mm)                                0.025-0.1                  
Adhesion(n/25mm)                           3-400
Tensile strength(n/25mm)              115-150  
Elongation (%)                                    75-110     
Temperature resistance(℃)          200
 Dielectric strength(KV)                    4                   
 Length (m)                                           100                        
 Width (mm)                                          2-1000mm Any width
Product Description       
PET protective film, besmear organic silicon pressure sensitive adhesive has low adhesion, high adsorption, automatic vent fast, high and low temperature resistance, good performance of chemical solvents, good stripping force equilibrium, the quality is stable, easy shear blunt type and tore away from leave no incomplete glue, the sticky can depend on customer demand from 2 to 300 g any customized, widely used in all kinds of foam, plank and LCD monitor surface protection, price and acrylic glue with the protective film, quality is more stable.                        

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